Freeways and Expressways

National Highway No. 1, also known as the Sun Yat-Sen Freeway, passes through the western part of the city and has three interchanges in Taichung City. One is at Zhongqing Road, another at Taichung Harbor Road and the southernmost at Wuquan West Road.

Taichung-Changhua Expressway is the main stretch of Provincial Highway No. 74 that runs from northwestern Taichung City through part of Taichung County into the northern part of Changhua City just to the south of Taichung. At some points, it is just a few dozen meters east of the Sun Yat-Sen Freeway. While it does not connect directly to that highway, it does have an interchange with National Highway No. 3 in Taichung County, where one can then access it in a couple of minutes.

Taichung-Nantou Highway also known as Provincial Highway No. 63, runs from Dali City (just south of the border from Taichung City) to Nantou County. It can be accessed by driving out of Taichung City on Wuquan South Road, where it becomes the Taichung-Nantou Highway within a kilometer of the city line. While there is no direct interchange with National Highway No. 3, one can get off in Wufeng and, after about two minutes on surface roads, easily access the highway.
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