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Taichung Electronics Street

For over 20 years, this cross-shaped network of alleys, in old Taichung near the railroad station, has drawn technophiles with its many shops selling electronic products, including computer and hi-fi equipment.

'Electronics street'--also known as 'computer alley' and 'stereo alley'--recently saw a complete city government face-lift that makes it a much more pleasant place to shop in.  Forming a cross with a block bordered by the four above streets, this area is located just off of the Luchuan canal near the train station, First Square and Chungcheng Road.  Each entrance is marked by a colorful gate and there are now plenty walking space, overhead lights and other nice aesthetic touches.  Predating more recent computer information-products shopping centers like NOVA, Electronics Street is and was one of the best places to pick up almost any hardware or software related to computers, as well as stereo and other audio-visual appliances.  Needless to say, there are plenty of computer geek types to be found here.

Located between Chungshan, Mintzu and Luchuan West roads and Chikuang Street
Hours: Most stores open 11 am-10 pm
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