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Mitsukoshi Department Store

Taichung's Mitsukoshi Department Store has 15 floors packed with brand-name vendors, several fine restaurants, coffee/tea shops, the best movie theatre in Taichung and a quite decent book/music/movie store called FNAC. This is a really nice mall

At the time of its opening, Taichung's Shinkong Mitsukoshi Department Store was reportedly the largest department store in Far East Asia.  Part of the Japanese Mitsukoshi chain, this massive store is located in the city's thriving Seventh Redevelopment Zone, on the corner of TaiZhongGang (Taichung Port) and HuiHui roads in Xitun District. 

There are 13 above-ground levels and several shopping/parking basement levels, containing hundreds of brand-name vendors selling thousands or products.  Larger retailers include the French FNAC electronics/music/movies/book store, Eslite Bookstore, and a supermarket.  The top two floors are taken up by a cinema multiplex.  For dining, there are two food courts, plus a number of other restaurants, cafes and teahouses.