Jingming 1st Street

Long popular with residents and visitors, this pedestrian-only street creates a European atmosphere, with its sidewalk cafes and teahouses, attractive shops and street artists. It is conveniently located within the Taichung Gang Road business/shopping district.

JingMing 1st Street is among Taichung's best-known attractions among local and foreign visitors, thanks to its unique European-style cafe street-like ambiance.  Created in the early 1990s as part of a private residential complex, the 60-meter-long pedestrian-only street includes sidewalk cafes and teahouses, which has led many foreign residents to label it as "tea street".  Notable among these businesses is the large, traditional-looking Chun Shui Tang teahouse, on the corner with DaDun 19th Street, which claims to be the original creator of the world-famous Pearl Milk Tea ("Jen Ju Nai Chai" in Chinese), also known some places overseas as "bubble tea".  There are a number of boutiques and shops selling medium-to-high-end clothing, jewelry, beauty/health products, fashion accessories, handicrafts and art.  Shops and restaurants continue along the roads on both ends of the street--along Dadun 19th Street and DaLong Road--and along the parallel JingMing 2nd Street, making this entire neighborhood a popular shopping and dining destination.

JingMing 1st Street is conveniently located in the heart of Taichung's West District "Little Europe" neighborhood, not far from JingCheng Road and TaiZhongGang (Taichung Port) Road, Section 2.

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