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Chung-Yo Department Store Taiwan

Chung-Yo Department Store comes from Taiwan. In April 1992, Chung-Yo Department Store set up its first store in Taichung City, Taiwan in accordance with its three major goals, including highly stylish space, internationalized products and full service, and became famous in Taiwan’s business circle after that.

The store once ranked first in Taiwan in terms of consumer satisfaction and posted the highest retail sales in central Taiwan’s retail sector for several consecutive years. It was honored as the best service provider of Taiwan in 1995 and its unique eye-themed logo has become very popular there.

Located within the bustling Xidan business district, Chung-Yo Department Store Beijing is adjacent to Chang'an Avenue, one of Beijing’s trunk roads, and Xidan Cultural Plaza, a major construction project in the capital city, and hence features a favorable location. The Xidan business district records a footfall of 700,000-800,000 daily. Completion of the construction of Xidan Cultural Plaza, a major project for the 50th anniversary of China's National Day, and Bank of China Tower, coupled with the existing Beijing Books Building, brings about unlimited business opportunities to the business district.

With annual sales of RMB500 million, Chung-Yo Department Store Beijing provides up to 100,000 kinds of products, including food, daily necessities, cosmetics, men’s and women’s wear, shoes and hats, children's goods, fitness equipment, sports goods, home appliances, office automation products, houseware, books, communication devices and cameras. It targets mid-to-high-end consumers, offering quality products of famous brands, which mainly come from China’s domestic market.   

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