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Chung Yo Department Store

Chung Yo occupies three massive 12-floor buildings that connect by sky bridges. There are two reasons why you should go. One is Taichung's largest bookstore on the 10th floor. The other is Jason's Market Place, an upscale supermarket that has fine imported wine/food

Opening in the early 1990s, Chung Yo was the first of Taichung City's mega-department stores.  Located closer to Taichung's Old Downtown area on busy SanMin Road in North District, Chung Yo is housed in three, large 12-floor buildings that are connected by sky bridges and a multi-level shopping and parking basement.  It is home to hundreds of brand-name vendors selling clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, electronics and hundreds of other products. 

There is a large, two-level basement food court, an upscale American-style Jason Market Place supermarket and a number of other small and large restaurants, teahouses and cafes on various levels.  Among its larger tenants is Taichung's largest bookstore, Eslite, which sells a wide variety of
English and Chinese books and other publications.
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