Su Hung Restaurant

After 26 years in Taipei, Su Hung Restaurant has arrived in Taichung with its seventh branch, located in MODE Mall (ex-Taichung Central). The restaurant focuses on "new Shanghainese" cuisine, reflecting that city's immigrants and influences from all over China, including Sichuan, Hunan and northern China. While traditional Shanghai cooking tends to be very sweet, salty and oily, "new Shanghainese" cuisine reduces all of these for more healthy fare.

(04) 2225-9922
186, FuXing Rd, Sec 4, 10F,
East District (MODE Mall)
Hours: 11:30 am-2 pm (last order 1:30 pm),
5:30-9 pm ( last order 8:30 pm)
Credit cards accepted (except AE).
10% service charge. Free parking.
English/Japanese menu.

 The long menu starts with over 30 cold-dishes and appetizers like the popular Steamed Tender Chicken with Chili Sauce (NT$240). Seafood is more focused on river fish, like the very spicy Chub Head Braised with Green Onions and Hot Peppers in Casserole (NT$480). Pork dominates meat dishes, such as Spare Ribs Braised with Scallions in Soy Sauce (NT$280) and there are plenty of tofu/vegetable dishes and soups. --By Douglas Habecker, translated by Angel Pu

A. Su Hung's most popular dishes cover a wide spectrum including the pictured (clockwise from top) Stewed Sponge Cucumber and Shrimp Soup Dumplings (NT$280 for 8), with a stuffing combining slightly-crunchy cucumber with juicy succulent shrimp; the creamy-smooth Egg Tofu Casserole Braised in Crab Sauce (NT$220); and the slightly-sweet Signature Braised Pork (NT$360), which diners wrap in a pieces of soft white bread.

B. Available with advance reservations are the restaurant's playfully-designed desserts that include edible Mahjong pieces (NT$600 for 12) made from mochi glutinous rice and stuffed with red bean and other fillings, and the "Scholar's 4 Jewels", consisting of an edible traditional Chinese brush, ink stick, paper and ink (NT$1,200 for 6 pieces) that diners have actually created calligraphy with before munching away.
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