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Silver Tower Contemporary Cuisine

The low-key, classic exterior of Silver Tower Contemporary Cuisine, situated on Xiangshang South Road, sticks out among the surrounding shops. Owner Miss Yang's younger sister taught culinary skills in university, so the sisters decided to open a business together. Due to the similarities among many pasta restaurants these days, they believe the only way to satisfy diners is to combine creativity and deliciousness.

243, XiangShang S Rd, Sec 1,
West District
(04) 2471-1536
Hours:11:30 am-9 pm, afternoon tea 2-4:30 pm
(closed Tuesdays)
Credit cards accepted.
10% service charge.

The owner, chef and young dessert chef are all perfectionists, only using high-quality ingredients, but the food is not overpriced. Silver Tower now offers the novel Cold Pasta, inspired by Nigirizushi (hand-molded sushi). If the summer heat has reduced your appetite, this four-flavor dish will re-boot your taste buds. Set-meal prices range from NT$360 to NT$490 and the NT$260 afternoon tea set also provides a satisfying quantities and selections. --Words and translated by Angel Pu

A. Silver Tower's interior is warm and classic looking. During daytime, diners can enjoy views of Wan Shou Park greenery across the street. They can also observe their meals being made through the kitchen's big windows.

B. Surprisingly, the dressing for the innocuous-sounding Green Salad is made of papaya seeds, giving it a very appetizing sweet-and-sour flavor. Mushroom Cappuccino Soup is served in a coffee cup and consists of a rich mushroom soup. Seafood Risotto with Tomato Sauce is made of Italian Mutti tomatoes and its fragrant rice is pleasantly chewy. This combination of tomatoes and pesto sauce is amazingly complementary. Female diners are also impressed by the delicate presentation of Silver Tower's desserts.
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