La Jeune Fille Restaurant

This restaurant's name means "that young girl" in French and its chef, Allen, has traveled across Europe and dined in many Michelin Guide-rated restaurants that became a source of inspiration. French cuisine emphasizes variations in stewing, pan-frying, roasting and steaming, and French chefs tend to maintain ingredients' original flavors as much as possible, serving dishes with various sauces.

244, DongXing Rd, Sec 3, West District
(near Da Ye Junior High School)
(04) 2310-3268
Hours: 11 am -2 pm, 5-9 pm
Credit cards not accepted.
10% service charge.

Allen creates many appetizers based on various styles of eggs, plus some really deliciously intense entrees. La Jeune Fille changes its menu every three months, uses seasonal ingredients and adjusts flavors according to different seasons. For example, Bouillabaisse with Pasta (NT$430) contains an abundance of seafood and vegetables. Diners who want to enjoy authentic French cuisine can select the NT$490 set. Dinner (NT$800 and up) includes cold dishes, soup, bread, fruit, dessert and coffee. Appetizers include Fried Goose Liver Mousse with Truffle, and Boiled Egg and Asparagus with Passion Fruit Sauce. When it comes to entrees, one can enjoy dishes like Fried Boston Lobster, and Scallops and Sea Urchins with Wine Sauce. --By Wang Xiao-ling, translated by Angel Pu

A. Boston Lobsters (about 1 kg.) need to be ordered two days in advance.

B. Assorted Appetizers include Caviar Cookies, Beef Stew, Smoked Duck Breast with Perilla Sauce and Chopped Fruit.
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