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James Chocolate & Confectionery

28, Lane 150, WenHua Rd, 1F, Xitun District
Hours: 12 pm-11 pm

The life experience of the owner himself is as rich as the chocolate sold here. “The best temperature to eat chocolate and red wine is also the most comfortable temperature for human bodies--both 18 degrees Celsius,” says owner James, whose life philosophy can be observed in the way he introduces his products. The chef only uses ingredients imported from France, Belgium and Germany to make signature products like the creamy Brownie (NT$80/ 160g) and solid-textured Chocolate Rock (NT$25 apiece). The Raspberry Chocolate (NT$100/ 100g) contains fresh fruit, allowing you to savor the sweetness of chocolate and sourness of fresh fruit in one bite. The Truffle Chocolate (NT$25/piece) is so smooth that it begins melting as soon as it hits your mouth. The Bitter & Sweet Chocolate (NT$25/ piece) is rich in tannins and cocoa bean fat. After the bitterness passes through your throat, there is a growing aftertaste that strongly resembles a high-quality coffee.
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