The search for live music in Taichung

Very few places offer original live music and, if you are looking for a jazz club, don't, as there are none! However, there are a few spots that occasionally book jazz combos and one of these is Retro Cafe ...

Thai Bar & Grill

Thai Bar & Grill is a hard place to categorise or, rather, it spans categories in a unique way, making for an unusual experience.


Named after the four elements in which a good cup of coffee must excel, BAFA is a specialty coffee house where coffee enthusiasts can relish the Body, Aroma, Flavor and Aftertaste of the perfect brew. Here, ...

Aria di caffe

You won't want to miss the great coffee, superb tea and the lovely atmosphere here. Miss Zhou, the young owner of this establishment, aims to bring an element of design into every nook and cranny of living ...

Enjoying refreshing juice and light meals in summertime

The recent toxic plasticizer contamination scare has forced many people give up some their favorite drinks. A good substitute, free of the fear of toxins, is a natural, fresh-made drink with tasty light meal, ...

'Tea-ing' off in Taichung

It's a known fact that people from Taichung just love their teas. Whether it was purchased at a roadside tea stand or in a stylish tea shop, Taichung-ers drink copious amounts of this beverage. Below are some ...
Baie halong
Découvrez la beauté pistoresque de la baie d'halong
mui ne 越南
vietnam reisen
Die Schönheit Vietnams entdecken mit Fareastour