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Mala Bay Discovery World & Water Park

The forgettable little Taichung county town of Houli, located within a few hundred meters of the North-South Freeway not far from the coastal town of Tachia, is home to this impressive development which ...

Dengshi Forest Recreation Park

Dengshi Forest Recreation Park can be divided into two sections--Nature Forest Park and Recreation Park . Nature Forest Park includes forest bathing field, Vienna Forest, 12 Morgan maple-seeing forest, fern ...

Taichung Cultural Center

The Taichung City Cultural Affairs Bureau currently has four cultural centers, spread across the city's different areas.  Each is center has its own unique characteristics and a full schedule of events, ...

The Lin Family Ancestral Shrine

The Lin Family Ancestral Shrine was built between 1796 and 1820 (Jia-Cing Era of Cing Dynasty of mainland China).  The Lin Family sent for ancestors’ spitirual dummies and host them in Shangcin ...

Pavilion in the Lake at Taichung Park

Pavilion in the Lake at Taichung Park was finished in October 1908. It was taken as a memorial building for celebrating the openning of Taiwan Through Island Railroad on November 24 the same year.

Taichung City Government

The building hosting Taichung City Government was built for the former Taichung Administration Office in 1913 and completed in 1924 of the Japanese Colonial Period.  It was designed by a Japanese ...

Former Taichung Bureau of Broadcasting

The building hosting former Taichung Bureau of Broadcasting was completed in 1935, whose location was selected by the Office of Japanese Taiwan-area Commander.  Its branches were later founded.  ...

Former Li-Ren Sun’s Residence

General Li-Ren Sun was born in 1899 in Golden Cow Township, Lujiang County, Anhuei Province, China. He graduated from National Tsing Hua University in 1923, and then studied in the United Stated of America ...

Chang Hwa Bank

In 1905, several millionaires including Siang-Ru Wu, Sian-Rong Gu, and Sian-Tang Lin, founded the first bank finically supported by Taiwanese-Chang Hwa Bank.  The bank was originally based in Changhua ...

Mao-Wu-Jian Well

In the mid-17th century when Dutch was ruling Taiwan, the Dadu-Mountain-Plateau-based Pingpu tribe-Babousac retreated to Feng-Shu-Jiao-Zih-Jiao, i.e., the current Chunshe Li of Nantuen.  Since the ...
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Delta du Mékong
Circuits authentiques dans le Delta du Mekong
Croisière Halong
Croisières à la baie d'halong
Ferien Vietnam
Schöne Ferien in Vietnam mit Fareastour erleben
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