Taichung City bus

Seven bus companies offer service from Taichung city to points outside the Taichung area. Also some of the local bus companies have received permission to establish routes to e.g., Taipei.

    * Changhua Bus Company - Through its hub in Changhua City, just to the south of Taichung, Changhua Bus Company offers service to most of Changhua County as well as popular spots in Nantou County, including Nantou City, Caotun, and Puli.
    * Yuanlin Bus Company - Like Changhua Bus Company, it is based in Changhua County, though in the town of Yuanlin, which is south of Changhua City. Many buses travel between downtown Taichung and its hub of Yuanlin. From there, it is possible to get buses to most of southern and western Changhua County as well as to Lugang on the coast.
    * U-Bus Company - U-Bus has routes all over western Taiwan from Taipei to Kaohsiung. They offer service to those two cities, as well as Tainan City and the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. They offer service both from the Taichung Train Station and the Chaoma Bus Station.
    * Kuo-kuang Bus Company - Kuo-Kuang also has a national reach with bus stations all over the country. The main Taichung station is located right next to Taichung's main train station. They also have stations at Chaoma and Shuinan. They offer service to many locales, including Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Hsinchu, Keelung, Banciao, and Sun Moon Lake.
    * Dragon Bus Company - Dragon bus primarily offers to and from Taipei. Their main Taichung station is at Gancheng, but they offer stops all along Taichung Harbor Road to the expressway that leads to and from Taipei City.
    * Free Go (Flying Dog) - Free Go (or Flying Dog as its Chinese name translates as) offers service primarily from Taichung City to Taipei City and the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Their main Taichung station is at Gancheng, but they pick up and drop off passengers at various locations, including the Taichung Train Station, Chungshan Medical University, Chaoma and Shuinan.
    * Aloha Bus Company - Aloha maintains two station in Taichung City, Gancheng and Chaoma. Service is offered to Taipei and Kaohsiung. Transportation to other cities can be arranged via either of those two cities.
    * Ho-Hsin Bus Company - Ho-Hsin offers service to Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Jhongli.

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