Chung-Yo Department Store Taiwan

Chung-Yo Department Store comes from Taiwan. In April 1992, Chung-Yo Department Store set up its first store in Taichung City, Taiwan in accordance with its three major goals, including highly stylish space, ...

Chung Yo Department Store

Chung Yo occupies three massive 12-floor buildings that connect by sky bridges. There are two reasons why you should go. One is Taichung's largest bookstore on the 10th floor. The other is Jason's Market ...

Mitsukoshi Department Store

Taichung's Mitsukoshi Department Store has 15 floors packed with brand-name vendors, several fine restaurants, coffee/tea shops, the best movie theatre in Taichung and a quite decent book/music/movie store ...

Tiger City Department Store taichung

If you're a North American, or have lived anywhere on that continent, there's a good chance that you've spent more than your fair share of time in shopping centers and malls. An all-American invention, the ...
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